Tugalong Station – The Farm

Finding a place to ride dirt bikes these days is becoming harder and harder to find, proposals for bike farms are being submitted but are being knocked back as no one wants a bike farm in there own back yard. With constant pressures from residents complaining about Noise, dust, traffic etc. frustrated riders are more frequently taking chances riding illegally around suburbs and local bushlands. This act in itself is a danger to residents, animals and riders alike as there is no control measures in place to prevent collisions, but where should they ride?

Tugalong Station owner Bunbury Properties Pty Ltd are taking up the fight to turn the property which once use to be a getaway for horse riding and bush walkers now wants to turn it into a dirt bike park. Tugalong Station is located  in the Southern Highlands two hours from sydney.

Unknown to the station owners at the time in 2009 Danny Pearson and son Corey turned the station into a riding park, the park contained two moto X tracks as well as riding trails that catered for the beginner to the advanced. They appeared to be doing everything right, they had track supervision to ensue track safety as well as constant trail patrols. Riders came from afar, the cabins where generally always occupied, business was booming. As the business rapidly grew complaints by the local residents to Wingecarribee shire council were being lodged to the point where council started investigating. Investigations found that park was in fact not approved to operate and was shut down and the Pearson’s have moved on.

The owner of the park have now put in a proposal for a recreation development of the park and is currently going through the process to satisfy council requirements.


The latest update from TuggalongStation:

Quote – It has been a long time coming but we have supplied council with the requested supplementary reports.

As you can notice we have a new identity for the property and a new web page up and running.


We appreciate all the support that has been provided to us throughout the motor bike, and general community. As the additional information has only just been supplied to council and the necessary works that need to be carried out on site once we have approval are extensive. It will be some time before we can open the doors to the public, please be patient with the progress as the works required are comprehensive to the site.

 The best way to stay in contact with us and to stay up to date with our progress is to join us on Facebook – the link is on our website.

Hope to have a ride with you all very soon.

 Kind Regards,


We can all help out by lending our support, we can send emails to the local council, tell all our friends or even start a partician and send it off to council.

Go to the web site leave your comments of support amd subscribe to the RSS feed for updates as they happen.

Discuss it more at www.ktmdads.com



6 Comments on “Tugalong Station – The Farm”

  1. Simone Blackwell says:

    I hope you are not successful. We don’t want Canyonleigh to become a dumping ground for rubbish, idiotic driving, louts and roadkill like last time. You may have a new name – but the impacts will still be the same. I live some 10ks from the site, but the impact will still effect me and my family.

    • Nathan says:

      Simone im not sure whether you have just arrived from a city life for a country life but i think you need to understand kids have to be kids and motorbike riding is a family orinatated sport and the back of canyonleigh is a perfect position for it what else is it good for except breeding feral goats oh and toffee nose people like yourself.We are not into dumping rubbish only having a great time with our families.Have a look at some of the most successful sports people and they are talented motorbike riders places like tugalong
      create this
      Nathan BOWRAL

  2. dangap says:


    Please understand i myself and most of us who ride dirtbikes also would not like to see Canyonleigh become a dumping ground for rubbish and idiotic driving and so on. Unfortunately there are bad apples in all groups of people. If approval is given i would definately say attention would have to be given to the problems you raised, but again myself and i’m sure most other riders do and will show respect towards Canyonleigh and it’s surroundings. Majority of us are everyday families just looking for a place to ride legally and safely with our kids.



  3. dangap says:

    Ah well, it looks like the locals got there own way, plans for the Tugalong MotoX park has been denied.



  4. Katrina says:

    It 2012- This issue is alive and well. WSC were considering a similar proposal several weeks ago that failed because of inappropriate swamp land being the designated site. is very sad that the approval for Canyonleigh has not gone through. i would encourage anyone who is interested in having a motox complex in the Highlands to contact all the counsellors at WSC as horseriding and motox are both sports deeply entrenched in this area but unfortunately have been pushed to the side in favour of sports that were quick to organise themselves to the exclusion of others. My family is incredibly community minded- we are not ‘louts’ and we have lived here for generations. Many people support the organisation of motox and other ‘old-time’ sports.Promotion of these activities coupled with people who have property that can entertain the sports will succeed but only by those interested in having the facilities contacting the gate-keepers individually. MOTOX WILL BE ACCEPTED IF THE PUSH CONTINUES STRONGLY. Post those handwritten letters with urgency- this is an election year for Wingecarribee! contact WSC on 48680888 to obtain contact details of all counsellors.

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